Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Style muse: Julia Sarr-Jamois

I first saw the lovely miss Julia in one of Hanneli's posts. She was so simple looking with her cool fro and floral dress.

Here's the photo

And since then, I've been seeing her quite a lot in street style portals and so on. I found out that she's the fashion editor of Wonderland and it occurred to me that I already came across her once in a story by Refinery29 wherein top fashion editors were illustrated by Joana Avillez to showcase their differing styles.

I don't usually go for over the top styles, I mean I appreciate and respect it a lot such as the way I look up to the late Isabella Blow, Vivienne Westwood, and Anna Sui, but my style preference as of late has leaned more on the minimalist-with-a-slight-dash-of-whimsy side.

But what I love about her is that she never piles one trend over another. I mean I believe that she's not one to follow mainstream trends or at least she manages to translate it into her own style. You could compare her style sensibilities to those of fashion bloggers but what sets her apart is her well - aura.

Sometimes, she's so simple with just a top and a nice pair of loose jeans. But the next time you see her, she's wearing this awesome printed top over a cute printed mini over tights. She's crazy but in a refined and tasteful way. I guess that's the je ne sais quo in her cause she's actually half french. I don't know, I love her.

I am kind of obsessed. I love the pieces she owns because they are all so quirky. Imagine if you get the chance to raid her closet - apart from having a seemingly infinite array of awesome pieces to come up with whimsical and surrealist ensembles, you can opt to go simple yet come off amazingly kooky with the all the one-of-a-kind and unique stuff she has. This girl has got to be one of the coolest and stylish ones I have come across with so far.

Oh and one more bit of information, she's awfully young too like around 25 I suppose and she also models! She stands at 5'10 and blaaargh. I just love her. She's awesome.

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