Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey blogosphere! It has indeed been a while since I last made an entry. Apart from my notorious tendency to up and leave blogs to wither and die a natural death, I have been incredibly busy with all the things happening in my life.

As you might've guessed from the title, yes, I am now unemployed! Two weeks going on three actually. And it's mainly because I'm going back to school to take up my master's. But the truth is, my previous work has become very toxic and I've simply had enough.

I know I learned a lot, especially in terms of honing my writing skillzzz as well as in learning to deal with tough clients with very high standards. I also gained confidence in terms of my craft and my ability to overcome challenges in a professional environment. But creativity wise, it wasn't doing much to stimulate my imagination and it wasn't presenting any creative avenues. The work was extremely demanding skill wise, but I found it dull and uninspiring.

Thankfully, I have school to run towards else I'd have to quit my job, one way or another, and find a new one that will hopefully be better.

Alas, here I am, awaiting school and going about my own way to remain productive. Now that I've no work to attend to, it's the perfect opportunity to do some soul searching and enhance my creativity. That I plan to do by blogging more, creating works of art, and indulging on literature, music, art, and visual candies - all of which I plan to share and ponder on here in my blog.

I am also on the process of getting in touch with my entrepreneurial side as my sis and I have launched an online shop where we sell our pre-loved stuff - clothes and accessories that we hardly used with some even brand new or used at a maximum of two. So far, we've had a few queries and two clients with a couple reservations.

So, to cut things short, this post right here marks my return to blogging. So help me jeevus!