Sunday, August 24, 2014

What dreams may or have come

As we were munching on chinese food, my dad began blabbing about imagination. He talked of things that were once dreams but are now reality. Like Gundam and Voltes 5, Japan now has actual weaponized robots that look a lot like the ones in anime and manga.

Then I started thinking about sci-fi, fantasy, myth, and even religion. My dad went on about how what ever it is that the human mind conceives can somehow become true or have come true in the past. He also said something about the genes.

 And I began thinking about how maybe we are able to tap into the universal consciousness whether consciously or subconsciously. Like a pool of memory of days past, eras, and versions of our reality.

While taking a lot of things too literally have brought devastation to earth, maybe a lot, if not all things that are considered to be figments of our imagination, works of art, fiction or fantasy, myth and religion could be ideas and memories of all that was and what could be.