Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eve for eves

Eve for eves

So.. I'm meeting up with the girls later to meet this guy. He's a longtime friend of one of my girls and he's supposed to be this young shaman/psychic. According to him, this coven is meant to be and that we've gathered for a purpose.

Last week's less than ideal gathering left me feeling unsure of this path. But upon hearing that this guy can read auras, help one regress, and so on makes me really really curious. Oh well, might as well ride with this. I am curious and interested, though not as much as I thought I would be but I'm here. I'll be there later.

Oh... this collage is sort of true to today's outfit though my hoodie is polka-dotted, and i smoke menthols and I don't care much about cigarette holders and expensive lighters. My bag's not a cat either, but I won't mind if it transforms into one.

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