Monday, July 15, 2013

passing judgment

So, just like the fucked up being that I am, I began my day by taking out my frustrations on another being. The debate that had transpired between us got me into thinking about whether judgement is right or wrong. Considering the fact that I don't believe in absolute truths, I suppose it could be right as much as it can be wrong.

I have always pride myself in being able to reserve my judgement for those who go against my principles such as the privileged few who have no care in the world but themselves. This is such because I believe that my ideals about morality are pretty much the basic laws of the universe while having sort of a Machiavellian opinion on issues that face humanity.

And so, I really believe that in some way, judgement is necessary. I just can't seem to just go on and not say anything about issues that plague society. More so in airing out my disgust or contempt for anyone who is behaving in such a way that tolerates or praises all that is bad about the world. But of course, I know that in doing so, I am being judgmental. However, these people really are kind of predictable. If I somewhat interpret and analyze them and come to the conclusion that person A knows no shit about a lot of things, most of the time, that really is the case.

Of course, I don't base judgment purely on the surface, I get it from communicating with him or her. Most of the time, during one of our many moments, it is exactly person A who reveals to me how little he or she knows while pretending to know more than he or she really does.

Oh well, I guess it is just me being a big bitch. I should not be minding other people's lives really, but I can't help but be weary about having friends who fake intellect, those who are arrogant but knows no shit really. I mean, it's totally alright if you are not well versed in music or literature but you certainly need not pretend that you know everything.

In the end, I guess my opinion about judgment is that it can be necessary but it can be dangerous, indeed. Of course, judgment caused me a lot of hurt especially growing up. I had my fair share of judgment but now, I have come to have this reverse judgment towards hypocrites, posers, and those who basically made me feel small because I was different than the rest. I have come to be judgmental of people who follow the herd, of people who think are doing something different but they're not. This could very well be an effect of all those years of being judged, of being a part of the minority, of being so weird no one can understand you.

Nowadays, it's not about being weird or different. Because anyone can be different, it's all fashion. Nowadays, it's all about being different inside, being weird, revolutionary, and radical inside - revolution is a state of mind.

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