Monday, July 1, 2013

faint and light

Just the way I like it, water color art, the simplest kinds.. really interests me. I love looking at them, they please my eyes. It's a form of art that I myself would enjoy doing, have done.. and I did. So simple, it doesn't matter if but I do prefer them absurd, weird, and gritty. I miss painting, scribbling, and observing the beauty of simplicity, lines, outlines... pale colors, and whites, lots of it. Should I start painting again?

Today, I have stumbled upon the artist, illustrator Yan Nascimbene. I have yet to know more about him but it appears that he is a rather reflective and meditative man. He was profoundly enamored with a certain novelist, Italo Calvino and it was said to be a longtime dream of his to work with him and illustrate for him.

Here are some of his works. Oh and he passed away just recently at the age of 63. He's younger than my father.. sad.

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